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Ulli Böhmelmann

Ulli Böhmelmann’s artistic education started with an architectural ceramics apprenticeship and was continued with studies of Visual Arts focussed on sculptural ceramics/porcelain and site specific installation. In 1994 while studying she won the Japanese INAX Design Prize for European and got the chance to live, work and exhibit for 3 months in Japan. The experiences Böhmelmann made in Japan influenced her way of perceiving space and creating site specific installations up to now. She is always in search of new materials and how to push their limits to transparency to realize her ideas. The artist had several cooperations with choreographers, sound artists and authors to broaden visitor’s senses. Böhmelmann had artist residencies in Germany, Japan and France and was awarded national and international grants for site specific installation projects. So far her work has been shown in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, Russia and the U.S.A.